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Self Portrait, Camden, Maine ©1976

A Brief History

I started photographing in 1974 during a semester abroad at Richmond College in London and have been making images ever since using a variety of photographic processes including silver halide, Polaroids, and now digital capture. My photographic projects include a personal diary of images called Homescapes, Polaroid images with an SX-70 camera and Time-Zero film, black-and-white digital portraits made in Cuba and Mexico, and most recently iPhone travel images.


My entire adult life has been focused on photographic education -- the past thirty years with Santa Fe Workshops and before that working at Maine Photographic Workshops. While my business career is mostly all consuming, I do make time to photograph every day and for my ongoing portrait projects. This website includes completed bodies of work and ongoing projects.

I make images to see the world more clearly and myself more deeply. I photograph to discover and to reveal. I strive for emotional impact with my pictures. Having a visual language enriches my life.

Rockport, Maine © Nina Callanan


Reid Callanan is a father, son, brother, husband, friend, business owner, as well as a photographer and a writer.  He is Founder and Director of Santa Fe Workshops (SFW), currently in its 30th year offering photography and writing workshops to an international community. In addition to campus programs in Santa Fe and San Miguel de Allende, SFW offers destination programs across the United States and to Cuba, Japan, India, Morocco, Romania, and Nepal as well as online workshops. As a dedicated educator, Reid understands the power of photography, especially in today's visually centric culture.

In 1994 Reid founded the non-profit Santa Fe Center for Photography, now known as CENTER, and currently is Vice-President of its Board of Directors as a way to give exposure and support to photographer's from all over the world. CENTER's award programs have established the careers of countless photographic artists.

Reid serves on the President’s Council of Texas Photographic Society, is a Board member of the ASMP Foundation, and an Advisory Board member of Bertha Crosley Ball Center for Compassion.  

Interviews, lectures, podcasts:

Podcast with Mind Your Own Business (2019)

Podcast with Sprout Studio (2018)

Speaker Series, Dallas Center for Photography (2017)

An interview with Aline Smithson for Lenscratch (2017)

An interview with Dan Milnor for Shifter (2015)

An interview with Jonathan Blaustein for A Photo Editor (2014)

An PRO SPOTLIGHT interview for Lensbaby (2013)

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