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Homescapes: A New Paradigm

A SFW Online workshop with Reid Callanan

(Note, this online workshop has been offered four times so far in 2020 and quickly filled each time. Additional sessions are being planned for the fall. Contact Reid directly at or 505-577-7790 for current availability, or to be added to a list of people interested in taking this workshop.) 


We are home now, in a new paradigm. What will our future look like? How will this time change us? We are facing so many unanswered questions, and along with our collective sense of hope, creativity will get us through this uncharted time.

At home, a place we thought we knew well, we see our everyday surroundings in new ways as we shift to living in the present. As storytellers, we strive to understand our worlds through image making. While engaging in a creative process is sometimes a solitary pursuit, we are lucky enough to share our unfolding experience through this online workshop.

Homescapes: A New Paradigm is a collaborative experience that explores what it means to reimagine our home in its many comforts, challenges and unexpected surprises, through a photographic lens. Led by SFW’s Founder, Reid Callanan, this workshop takes place online on Mondays and Thursdays through SFW’s Zoom platform from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. MT beginning August 24. Along with a small group of passionate photographers, Reid explores the role photography plays in our current lives.

In our online space, we investigate the foundational principles of making strong photographs. Light, fame, point of view, and moment are the essential elements of well-seen images. We discuss the insights needed to capture the illusive, and decisive moments that highlight our current state as home-bound photographers. We explore the graphic building blocks of successful composition — foreground/background, framing, layering, and perspective. Reid uses his extensive knowledge about the history of photography to share images from photographers who have changed the face of the medium, and hopefully inspire you to create images with impact.

Weekly photo assignments encourage you to rediscover “home,” then Reid leads group image reviews of this new work. He also shares inspiration from his favorite books and influences as he guides this personal journey of discovery.

Refine your abilities to produce a strong personal diary of images from “home” that are imbued with meaning, grace, and clarity in this live online experience with Reid.

Please visit Santa Fe Workshops for dates and availability, or call Reid at 505-577-7790. 

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