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Inspired by the photographs of Sally Mann, Emmet Gowin and Tony Ray-Jones, Homescapes was a five-year personal project started in 1976 under the guidance of my first mentor, Craig Stevens. A photo diary of sorts, these images record my life as a young man living on my own for the first time along the rocky and sandy coast of Maine. Included in these photographs are my family and friends, cats, gardens, lakeside summer rentals, winter excursions and walks on Popham Beach. Although I am well aware that cameras don’t take pictures (see my Workshops section), these images were made with a Leica CL camera, using Tri-X film, developed in Edwal FG-7, and printed on Agfa Portriga 111 paper that was selenium toned. The resulting prints were on 11x14 paper. I scanned these prints recently, and a selection of my favorite images is included below. Thanks for looking at them. 

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